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Useful information for tourists about Hurghada in Egypt

The recognized tourist center on the Red Sea coast of Hurghada is located 500 kilometers southeast of Cairo. Here the sun shines all year round, endless beaches against the background of Desert Mountains, excellent opportunities for surfing and scuba diving.

Local jewelry stores are very popular among foreign tourists, where you can buy inexpensive, but beautiful items of gold and silver. In Hurghada, work duty-free shops. Upon presentation of a passport, foreigners here can purchase three units of alcoholic drinks and a block of cigarettes, as well as other goods necessary for the traveler.

The unique climatic conditions of Hurghada allow you to relax comfortably here at any time of the year. In the coldest month – February – the temperature of sea water off the coast of Hurghada does not fall below 20-22 degrees Celsius, and the air warms up to 23-25 ​​degrees and higher. In the hottest month – August – the water temperature is usually not lower than 28, and the air is usually not higher than 35 degrees Celsius.

Almost all hotels are adapted for family holidays. The hotel staff has a sufficient supply of phrases to explain with representatives of any European country. It is not surprising that the Russians feel in Hurghada almost at home. Meals at hotels, as well as at other Egyptian resorts, are organized on the principle of a buffet, and the range is varied and rich, many vegetables, fruits, and fish are offered. Breakfast and dinner are usually included in the cost of the trip. During the day you can eat in one of the many restaurants located in the hotels themselves, often right on the beach, and in the old, exotic part of the city.

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