Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a state in Central Europe. It borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. The landscape of the country is dominated by hills and low mountains – the Czech massif, bordered by the Šumava ridges, the Czech forest, the Krkonoše and the Czech-Moravian highlands. The largest river is the Vltava, which is 440 km long.

The Czech Republic attracts tourists from all over the world for its famous balneological resorts, ancient cities, some of which are considered the most beautiful and romantic in the world, as well as good service in hotels. In this country, you can find accommodation for every taste.
The classification of hotels here is the same as in the rest of Europe – from one to five stars. The rank of the hotel must be confirmed every four years, so that you can be confident in the suitability of service and star. In addition, each hotel also has a corresponding designation indicating the type of accommodation – hotel, guesthouse, etc.
In the Czech Republic you will find fashionable hotels of one of the world’s networks (Marriott, Hilton, Ibis), hotels located in ancient castles and palaces, private pensions, hostels, and youth hotels. The cost of living depends both on the level of services provided and on the location of historical monuments and the center of the city.

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