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Useful information for tourists about Germany

Germany is a state in Central Europe, bordered by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is washed by the North and Baltic seas.

Today, to find and book a room in a hotel in Germany will not be a problem. Both in large and small tourist cities you will be offered a wide range of accommodation options. The cost depends on the level of the hotel and its location relative to tourist attractions. Gradation of hotels in Germany is the same as in other European countries – by the number of stars. However, it is worth considering that the stars rather indicate the number of services offered than the level of service. Therefore, if you decide to stay in a small hotel with one star, this does not mean that you have made the wrong choice. It just will not have an elevator, pool, gym, etc. But the service in Germany is always at a high level. In Germany, there are hotels of world networks that offer a high level of comfort and appropriate prices.

Germany is magnificent palaces and castles, stunningly beautiful churches and monasteries, world famous museums, the picturesque Rhine valley, beautiful lakes, the majestic Alps and the Baltic coast and, of course, the famous German breweries.

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is a very beautiful city with numerous parks and squares, as well as an important cultural center of the country. The famous Brandenburg Gate is the hallmark of the city and the symbol of the country.

Languages spokenGerman
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)357,168 km2

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