Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

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Useful information for tourists about Abu Dhabi in the UAE

Abu Dhabi is the official capital of the state, the administrative center of the Emirates and the residence of the President. It is the largest of the seven emirates.

Abu Dhabi has a mild climate in winter, clean beaches, hotels with a great level of service. In hotels – swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers. Even saunas and steam rooms are offered. Most emirate hotels are concentrated in the capital. There are hotels of all famous world hotel chains. There is always excellent service, cozy rooms, a varied menu of restaurants.

Ten-kilometer embankment Corniche Road turned into the largest park area in the East. Here, most of the 90 fountains of the capital are located, including the most famous ones (Kofeik, Lebed, Vulkan, Pearl, etc.).

Abu Dhabi is a center of tourism and commerce, sports and recreation. The main attraction of the city is the Al Husn Palace, also known as the Old or White Fort. Next to the exhibition complex on Al-Musaffah Road is the so-called Cultural and Ethnographic Village, which reproduces the traditional life and lifestyle of various regions of the country.

The confluence of past, present and future is expressed in the peaceful coexistence of mosques, museums, modern supermarkets, Eastern markets, educational institutions, centers of culture and the arts. In Abu Dhabi, as in any Muslim city, built many mosques. From any point of the city you can see several quaintly decorated minarets.

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