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Israel is a state in the Middle East, on the east coast of the Mediterranean. Borders on Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt.

As a historical region of Palestine includes the territory of modern Israel and the Palestinian autonomy. Biblical events unfolded on this ancient land. In the third millennium BC, the tribes of the Canaanites settled here.

Israel is represented by a modern service for every taste and a developed tourist infrastructure. The choice of hotel depends on the purpose of visiting the country – it is an excursion, pilgrimage tour of the historical sights of the country or a health, entertainment holiday on the coast. In the first case, the choice falls on urban hotels near the main attractions. There are many hotels ranging from cheap, but well-equipped, to stunning apartments, where everything meets the highest standards. These are elegant rooms, equipped with the latest technology overlooking the sights, swimming pools, excellent spa and fitness clubs, fine restaurants and bars, well-equipped conference centers. In the second case, it is better to choose from the hotels on the coast, from the comfortable rooms which offer a wonderful view of the sea. Some hotels of this type have their own equipped beaches.

The official capital of Israel is Jerusalem – one of the oldest cities in the world. You can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the city from a special observation deck on the Mount of Olives. The heart of Jerusalem, of course, is the Old City, surrounded by a fortress wall – the center of almost all important historical and holy sites. Eleven gates lead to the Old Town, seven of which are operational.

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Languages spokenHebrew, Arabic
Currency usedILS
Area (km2)21.5

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