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Useful information for tourists about Cyprus, cities and resorts of the country

The Republic of Cyprus is a state on the island with the same name in the eastern Mediterranean.

The coastline of the North Island is clipped and rocky, on the south-smooth, long sandy beaches. In the center and southwest there is a huge volcanic mass of Troodos (the highest point in the city of Olympus, 1951).

Cyprus has attracted thousands of tourists all over the world with its crystal seas, warm sun, historical monuments and high quality services at all times. Cypriot hotels are divided into several categories: These are hotels, which have stars, national style hotels, hotels without stars and guesthouses. In addition, you can stay in Cyprus in one of the tourist villages, rent an apartment or tent. These types of apartments also have a class, they are divided into class A, B, C and luxury.

Hotels have a standard classification of one to five stars. Since Cyprus has a strict standard of design for the stars, you can be sure that by choosing one of them, you will get the appropriate service. However, livelihood costs will depend not only on the star, but also on the fact that the hotel is close to the sea, whether the hotel has a private beach or how the beach is saturated.

Languages spokenՀունարեն, Թուրքերեն
Currency usedEUR
Area (km2)9,2

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