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Useful information for tourists about Montenegro

The Republic of Montenegro is a state in south-eastern Europe, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea and borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania.

Montenegro is known both for its seaside resorts and ancient cities. Here is the spirit of history, which is organically intertwined with a completely modern and high-quality service. The cost of living depends not only on the category of the hotel, but also its location relative to the famous resorts and historical monuments. Hotels in Montenegro have their own classification, which is different from the one adopted in other European countries.

The most comfortable hotels providing high-level service are equated to the DELUX category. As a rule, in this hotel you will be offered accommodation in a spacious room with a modern interior, a loggia, and a private bathroom. The room will also have satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning and, of course, a mini-bar. In this hotel also has a swimming pool, playgrounds.

A lower price category, which, however, is characterized by high quality of service, is represented by hotels of category A. After settling in such a hotel, you will receive a room with a modern interior, TV, telephone.

Today, Montenegro is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The stunning natural riches of this beautiful country, the wonderful climate, the abundance of historical, architectural and cultural attractions, combined with more than affordable prices, attract more and more tourists to this small paradise every year. Montenegro is mountains and plains, dense forests, crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, mountain rivers and picturesque lakes, as well as beautiful ancient cities, where various styles and cultures harmoniously combine, creating a unique atmosphere.

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Languages spokenSerbo-Croatian
Currency usedEUR
Area (km2)13,812

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